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Related article: Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 00:35:35 -0400 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part TenThis story is totally fictional, although it uses the characters from 'Caribbean Cruise', located in Gay Male/Encounters Section. It is my first attempt at writing a story with a bisexual theme. Some of the sexual scenes do not portray safe sex. Just remember...ALWAYS practice safe sex in REAL life.After The Caribbean Cruise: Part TenAs evening approached, my cock was better than an alarm clock...The closer it got to 9 o'clock, the harder my cock got. I was looking forward to seeing what Greg had between those toned legs of his.Right on time, Greg appeared at the entrance to my pool patio. He was dressed casually in shorts, polo shirt and sandals. There was a distinct bulge in the front of his shorts. I licked my lips and Greg smiled as he saw the tent in MY shorts."Well," He said, "Looks like we're both ready for some action. I've been hard all afternoon thinking about it.""Then let's not wait any longer," I said and reached out to feel his boner. "Mmmm...I've been wondering what this baby looks like since I saw it hard in your swim trunks.""Ahhhh...You're about to find out," He groaned, "Let's find a bed!""Right this way," I said, leading him through the patio doors and the Great Room to my bedroom.Greg stopped me and turned me around. He pulled me close and his mouth met mine. Our tongues licked and sucked and we ground our hard cocks together."Mmmmm...That feels good," He moaned against my lips, "I'm so hot I had to take a couple of cold showers to keep from popping my nuts.'His hand reached between us and grasped my hardness, squeezing the outline of my dick. His mouth moved to nuzzle the side of my neck, causing me to shiver."Let's get out of these clothes," I muttered. I was already pulling my shirt off and kicked my sneakers off.Greg followed my lead and we were soon down to our briefs. Greg's cock was leaking and a wet spot showed where the head strained against the material. My cock was laying sideways, almost peeking out the leg opening of my briefs."Stop," Greg said, "Don't take them off yet. Let ME do that."We fell back onto the bed in a close embrace, legs entwined. He pushed his leg between mine and I could feel his hardness against my groin. My cock pressed against his thigh.We rubbed our groins together as we kissed passionately. Greg was a good kisser and his lips sent warm sensations through me, wherever they touched.Lying on our sides facing each other, we continued to kiss as our hands sough out the other's hard cock and stroked them, still encased by a layer of thin cotton."Mmmmm...Ahhhh," I groaned, "Your hand feels so good.""So does yours,"Greg moaned, "I'm gonna enjoy this."He moved his hand and slipped it under the waistband of my briefs. His fingers toyed with my pubic hairs, before finally touching the base of my cock. My body jerked as he circled the base and squeezed gently. The warmth of his hand made me break out in goosebumps and I pushed against his hand.I followed his lead and reached inside his briefs to find his rigid dick and grasped it. I ran my fingers the length of his shaft, circling the large crown and smearing the precum over the sensitive head. I started stroking him and felt him begin to do the same to mine.We continued to stroke each other while kissing. We kept our eyes open while kissing, watching the lust displayed. Our hands kept up a slow, sensual rhythm as we were in no hurry.After a while, Greg eased me onto my back. He began trailing his tongue over my neck and down onto my chest. His mouth covered one of my nipples and he began to toy with it, making me squirm. His hand that had been stroking my cock moved up to gently pinch and rub my other nipple."Mmmmmm...I like that." I whispered hoarsely, "Your mouth feels so good."When his lips left my chest and swung lower over my abs, his hand returned to squeeze my cock through the cloth of my briefs. He stuck his tongue in my belly button and wiggled it, making me groan. Then his mouth moved further down to cover my pulsating cock. He breathed hot air through the cloth and my whole cock felt the warmth from tip to base. His saliva was wetting the cloth as he continued to gently nibble and suck. His hands were fondling my balls.He had me squirming under his touch, unable to lie still. He stretched the leg opening of my briefs and released my balls. He licked and sucked on the shaved globes one at a time, taking the tender spheres into his mouth. Then he licked both, covering the wrinkled sac with his saliva."Uuuuuhhhh...Oh...Ahh...Mmmmm," I moaned as I thrashed under his hands and tongue. "God, You're driving me up the wall, Greg. I can't take it!"He smiled as he looked into my eyes, "I think you're ready for the next step now." He reached for the waist of my briefs and pulled. I raised my hips as he eased the cloth over my rock hard cock, down my legs and off my feet. He raised up to gaze at my nakedness."Oh Yeah," He whispered, " Perfect! I like your body Jordan."I let him take the lead, even though I was dying to get into his pants. I lay back with my arms over my head.Greg ran his hands down my legs, then back up the inside as I spread them. He brushed his hand lightly over my balls, then up the underside Lolita Nymphet Pics of my cock that was lying flat against my stomach, and all the way up to gently circle each nipple with a finger.I sucked in a deep breath as his hand started back down. When he reached my cock, he took it in his hand and raised it up. A drop of clear precum glistened on the tip.I raised up on my elbows to watch as he stuck his tongue out and moved in slow motion toward the shiny head. I closed my eyes and bit my lip when I felt him lick the tip of my dick. He swabbed the head and underside of the crown and nibbled on the spot where the bottom of the head connects to the shaft."Ahhhhh, JESUS," I groaned, "Ohhhhhh, MAN...That's good...Mmmmmm...Good." My hips were jerking each time he sucked at the spot.After torturing me a few more minutes, he took my cock into his mouth and started sucking on just the head. His tongue swirled around the ridge at the rear of the crown and his hand stroked the lower part of the shaft.When he removed his hand and took the entire length of my dick, my hips shot up off the bed and I let out an explosive breath. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...Yesssssss!"He started bobbing and his free hand tickled my balls, scratching the sensitive surface with a fingernail. I felt his finger press on my perineum and roll the hard tube beneath the surface.When the finger slipped into the crack of my ass and brushed against my clenching rosebud, I almost lost it."Greg...Stop," I gasped, "Stop, before you make me cum. I want to taste YOUR cock...I've wanted it all day. Show it to me, PLEASE!"He stood up long enough to hook his fingers in the waistband of his briefs and tugged them down and off. He stood up for a moment to let me see the object of my desire.His cock was gorgeous...It was almost as big and thick as Gerald's was, but it was smooth...rather than veiny. It stood straight out from his thick bush and had a large head. His balls were also hairy and rolled in their pouch.I reached out and grasped his pulsating rod, feeling the firmness of it and sliding my hand down to take his ball-sac in my palm.Greg stood with his hands on his hips, eyes closed and a look of pure lust on his face. "Ahhhhhhh," He sighed as I gently stroked him. He pumped his hips and his precum made a squishy sound as I stroked him.I pulled him closer, leaned over and took his dick in my mouth. He drew in his breath as I sucked the large head and ran my tongue around it. The ridge where the large head joined the shaft was very prominent. I tightened my lips around the shaft where it joined the head and sucked .This must have been a hot spot for Greg, as his Lolita Nymphet Pics body jerked and he came up on his tiptoes. His hands went to my shoulders as he moaned loudly, "Ohhh...Oh Yessss...Right there...Just like that Jordan...Oh, I LOVE it...That's so good...Mmmmm!"I continued for a few more minutes, then moved my mouth slowly, taking his cock inch by inch until my nose was buried in his bush. His hairy balls tickled the side of my jaw and bounced against it as I started bobbing on him."Ooooo...Yeah Babe," He gasped, "Suck my cock...Ohhhh...Damn but you're good...Yesss...Yesss!"Without losing the connection, I guided Greg over my body until we were in a 69 position. He latched onto my cock and started frantically bobbing on it.For the next ten minutes, the room was filled with the slurping sounds of cocks being sucked. Lolita Nymphet Pics We were both squirming with the intensity of our action. Greg's cock fit my mouth perfectly and I really liked the taste of his precum.I felt my cum rising and I moaned and mumbled around his cock, trying to let him know I was close.Greg grunted and sucked me faster. I know he could feel my cock throbbing. He grasped the base of my cock between thumb and forefinger and pumped, still bobbing on the rest of the shaft. the double action did it...I hit the peak.My hips surged upward and I let out a muffled groan as my cum spurted up my shaft and into his mouth.Greg's mouth moved up to the head of my dick and his tongue swiped across the tip as my cum boiled out. Then he quickly took me to the base and his throat closed around my spurting cock. I had never had anyone do that in my short span of male sex. I thought I was going to pass out from the intense pleasure and I definitely saw stars.Greg's cock was throbbing too, but he had not cum yet. I quickly pulled my mouth off of it and groaned, struggling to get the words out. "Ahhhhh...Oooooo...Oh GOD...I've never cum so hard. Don't cum yet Greg...I want you to fuck me...Let me feel your cock in me.""I can't think of ANYTHING I'd like better," He said in a husky voice. "Where's the KY?"I pointed to the tube on the bedside table and he grabbed it. Quickly spreading some over his throbbing hardness, he used some more to thoroughly lube my chute. His fingers hit my prostate and I gasped. "Ahhhh...HURRY...I can't wait to feel you inside me!" I raised my hips and put a pillow under me. I grabbed the back of my knees and pulled my legs up, exposing my rosebud for him.Greg leaned over and kissed me deeply, then placed his cock against my hole. "This is gonna be GOOD," He promised. "I'm gonna FUCK your ass Jordan...Tell me how much you want my cock.""I want it...You KNOW I want it...Don't tease me...Shove it in and fuck me!" I wiggled my ass, feeling him keep just the tip of his dick against my hole...Just enough that I could feel my rosebud starting to stretch. "OK," He warned..."Here we go...Tell me how it feels."His cock opened my hole and slid in slowly. "Ahhhh," I groaned...Don't stop...Give it ALL to me...Oh, I can feel you sliding it in...You're stretching me wide open...Ohhh, you feel GOOOODD!"Greg pushed until his hips were against my ass cheeks. I dropped my legs around his waist and locked my ankles over his butt. He froze, buried in me to the hilt and we both just enjoyed the warmth and tightness. His cock filled me completely and I squeezed my ass to hold him there.Greg's eyes closed and his mouth opened. "Oooooo...Jordan...God, you're squeezing my cock...I can't believe how Lolita Nymphet Pics tight you are.""I haven't been fucked THAT many times," I reminded him. "I just lost my cherry less than two weeks ago. Not many guys have been in there.""I'm glad I'M in there right now. I could just stay here just like this and never complain...But I think it's about to get even BETTER!"With that, he withdrew until just the head was still inside my tight sphincter. He hesitated and grinned, "Ready?"When I nodded yes and wiggled my butt, Greg grabbed my hips and rammed his dick back in me slamming against my ass. "Arrrggghh," I gasped, "Oh YEAH...Fuck me hard Greg...Take it...It's all yours!"He did just that. His hips slammed against my ass over and over. I knew he was close and I squeezed and wiggled and did everything I could to make him cum. My own cock was hard again and I started pumping it.Greg saw it and slapped my hand away. He replaced it with his own and stroked my dick in rhythm with his fucking. I felt him start to throb and his hand jacked me faster as he pounded my ass."Ohhhh, Yessss," He groaned..."I'm gonna cum...It's close...Just...A...Lit...tle...More...Al...most...Yes Yesss...Oh Damn, Here it comes...Take it...You got me...NOW...Unnnggh...Unnnggh...Unnnggh!"I felt his white hot cum blast into my ass. His cock throbbed repeatedly as spurt after spurt filled me up. His hand on my dick brought me over the edge and I squirted a few drops of cum onto my stomach.Greg kept fucking me, even after his cum slowed then stopped. His cock didn't seem to be getting any softer. I looked at him in amazement as he frantically pumped into me."I don't believe it," He gasped, "I'm gonna cum AGAIN...I never fucked an ass as sweet as yours...Oooo, My GOD...Here it comes again!"Sure enough, his cock started throbbing again. His cock was making loud slurping sounds as it plowed my cum filled ass. I think the sound alone was turning us BOTH on.He rammed into me a few more times and then froze, his hips against my dripping ass and his cock buried in me. I squeezed his dick with my ass as I felt a few more spurts of cum. This time, the force and quantity was less than before, but I was still fascinated by his stamina.Finally he pulled his wet cock out. I felt his cum run down the crack of my ass, as I lowered my tired legs, releasing him to plop down beside me."Wow!" I gasped, "THAT was a first! I NENER had anybody cum TWICE that fast...Not even my young stallion Mike."Greg laughed and said, "That was a first for ME too. I just couldn't get enough of your ass. You inspired me. I definitely want some more of that."We had been at it for almost two hours. I asked Lolita Nymphet Pics him if he though Beth would be wondering about him."You know...I think Beth is a little suspicious of my story," He said, "She told me she had noticed the interest between us at the beach earlier...She knows I'm into guys occasionally."I already knew that, but I wasn't ABOUT to tell him HOW I knew. Visions of the hot jack off session with his son Randy earlier in the day flashed through my mind, causing a rise in my pulse. I had just got a piece of his father, and tomorrow night I was going to get a piece of HIM!"Really," I replied innocently. "That's interesting...She suspects what you and I are up to tonight, and she's OK with it?""Yes, " Greg answered. "As a matter of fact, Beth sorta said she thought you were...'Interesting'. I think SHE might have some designs on you...From what you told me about the last couple of weeks, you are definitely into girls too.""Oh Yeah," I answered. "Are you serious about Beth? You obviously saw me checking her out, so you know I think she's gorgeous, but I never figured she would be interested.""Just between you and me, I think she would also be interested in meeting this Charlie of yours. Beth is bi and she and I play with a couple of neighbors back home."Of course, I already knew that too but again, didn't let on."Well, I KNOW Charlie would like to get together with Beth. She's coming over this weekend. Maybe we could plan something.""That sounds great," He replied. "Ill talk it over with Beth later. I know she's as horny as ME...Well as horny as I WAS...before YOU took care of it." We both had a laugh.Finally we got up to shower and dress. We returned to the poolside patio and sat at the table having a few drinks."Maybe I can let you know tomorrow night if Beth is agreeable," Greg said."Oh, I...Err...I have something to take care of tomorrow evening," I said as innocently as I could, thinking about What I had to 'take care of'."No problem," Greg replied, "The next day then. "Randy wants to go Lolita Nymphet Pics to the arcade anyway. I'm thinking...maybe we can talk Misty into taking Knothead to a movie. Beth and I would have a chance to get 'reacquainted'. dick is actually getting a little hard just THINKING about getting some of her sweet pussy. It's been a while and I know SHE would love some."Everything seemed to be falling into place. I kept a straight face as I tried not to think about the hard young boy-cock I was going to get."I'll bet she WOULD. Hope things work out. I'll check with Charlie tomorrow, but I don't think there will be any problem.""OK," Greg replied. "Well...As much as I've enjoyed this evening, I'd better be getting back to the condo. See you on the beach...Or elsewhere."We got up and hugged each other. Greg planted a quick kiss on my lips as he headed out the door. I went to change the soiled linen on my bed and happily sat down to enjoy a drink and go over the evening's events in my well as imagine what tomorrow night would bring.End Of Part Ten; Part Eleven to follow soon. Comments welcome at
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